Had to put Liahona to sleep yesterday. This past Friday she was not eating She became dizzy and had a hard time walking. Thought it was a cold. Then Saturday she stopped walking. Sunday, I prayed and hoped it was only a cold. By Monday morning, yesterday, her ears and gums and eyes had turned yellow. I knew already. When I took her in to the Vet, he said her liver and kidneys had stopped functioning. I carried her all the way in. She just had those eyes, that keep looking only at me. She never looked at anything else. Just wanted to look at me. I cried in the waiting room, I couldn't stop. Still holding her in my arms. I tried to make her comfortable. If I took her to emergency Friday would she still be with me? Dr Lau, took her temperature, 101 normal, her belly was blotted, everything was yellow, looked at me and said, It's too late. He was surprised at only 4 years old. Something maybe cancer. But I knew it was time for her to go. As I held her head and stroked her hair, saying I'm so sorry, that I loved her, and wait for me in heaven. Dr Lau gave her two shots, and in 30 seconds she stopped breathing.
Liahona was my first female. She protected me always, she looked out for me, always wondering where I was. She was the first dog to sleep at my doorstep. 4 years was too short. I didn't take her on enough walks, not enough brushing, not enough loving. Even through all that, she gave me 100% of her love and devotion. I will always remember you.
After Dr. Lau said that she must have ate something. He asked me to look out for Anti-freeze, Rat poison, Slug and Snail pellets, any Insecticides. WOW everything we have in the garage or spread in the yard. She had arsenic in her and that's what stopped her organs.

Go out and be sure that in your yard or kennel your animals can't get a hold of any these items.

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