Surf's Up!

1. Surfing at PYRAMID ROCK, Kaneohe

1-2', occ/3'

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What a Picture Ya?

m3.jpg (56460 bytes)

O.K. No Surfing, Just Floating

b1.jpg (50005 bytes)

Going in for the Fourth Time!

b2.jpg (59843 bytes)

Between Sets

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Sheldon and Joe-surfer at the End of their Ride

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Looking for the next Wave

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The Push

b6.jpg (46946 bytes)

From the Beach


2. Surfing at THREE'S, Waikiki

2-4 foot, occ/5'

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Paddling out About 400 yds "huff, Huff, HUFF"

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Sheldon "da Thrasher"

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From My Board Looking Out at the Other Surfers

surf4.jpg (57937 bytes)

Sheldon the "Shredder" on the Wave

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Sheldon and the Afternoon Sun

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Yup, Sheldon AGAIN!

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This is What a Person Looks Like After a Severe "WIPE OUT"!

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Another Shot of Sheldon, a Wave All to Himself

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View of Hawaii's Famous Landmark, Diamond Head

surf10.jpg (48551 bytes)

Another View from the Ocean, of Waikiki Beach and Hotels

surf11.jpg (44752 bytes)

Hawaiian Sunset at 7pm, Better Head Towards Shore!